cOmmerCialS (featuring my music)

Toyota Beyond Zero

Client: Birdbrain

Brekr Let's Ride

Client: Hammerfest

Heineken The Wait

Client: Sizzer | Producer: M. Marsman

America Today LL2020

Client: Hammerfest

Reebok - Easytone

client: Sizzer Amsterdam

BOUYGOUS CONSTRUCTION - Shaping a Better Live client: E-magineurs

Opel: Zafira Life

Client: Massive Music

Optimel Commercial

Client: AMP.Amsterdam

Hershey's Dad

Client: Sizzer Amsterdam

GU (Japan)

Client: Massive Music Japan

Suzuki Promotional video

Client: Suzuki / Motorradreise.TV

Lotto 2021

Client: AMP.Amsterdam

Volkswagen Touareg video


Lotto 2020 

Client: AMP.Amsterdam

DPG Dans je Rijk commercial

Client: AMP.Amsterdam

BOL (using a tiny fragment only)

Client: AMP.Amsterdam


Client: Sizzer Amsterdam

Opel: Zafire Life

Client: Massive Music commercial

Composed/mixed by Michiel Marsman from and for Sizzer Amsterdam. We recorded and played most of the instruments in our studio. Kick-ass track! 

NS (This is a re-recording (cover)!)

Client: Massive Music Amsterdam

JillZ - Wild Lady

Client: Sizzer


Client: Massive Music Amsterdam


Music for the series Tokidoki

Client: Vpro

Music for leader Filosofisch Kwintet

Client: Vpro

Music for the series Dus ik Ben

Client: HUMAN

Kort! "P"

With Peter Smid I wrote and produced the (cowboy) music for this short film titled "P", directed by Aaron Rookus. "P" premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Koning Malik

With Supercity I've composed and recorded and mixed the music/sound for this documentaries about people moving from and to Africa. 
Directed by Nadine Kuipers.  


Featuring some music I made with the band Supercity.